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Tracy Repchuk is an Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategist and Speaker. She has been an award-winning entrepreneur since 1985 and has mentored, trained and spoken in over 30 countries while consulting and creating results for businesses everyday.

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Start Right Marketing is the breakthrough combination of all the strategies, tips and steps you need for the success of your business.

Today's market is dynamic, online centric, Google dependent, and social media savvy and if you can leverage and understand what to do and where to turn, you can surround yourself with collaboration partners that can help you navigate and dominate. Included in this book is your personal connection to 12 of the best people in their fields that will take you through topics such as Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Publishing, Networking, Event Planning, Speaking, and even Mindset.

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12 World-Class Authors, Speakers, Actors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs
Tracy Repchuk Jim Meskimen Susie Garcia Fantastic Frank Johnson
Nadine Lajoie MarBeth Dunn Michele Camacho Canon Wing
Teresa de Grosbois Sam Rafoss Margo DeGange Alberto Liberal

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